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DUI/DWI Accidents Can Involve Overlapping Criminal And Civil Cases

The effective handling of a personal injury claim following a car or truck accident most often requires the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. When drunk driving is involved, a complex case quickly becomes even more complicated.

A personal injury case resulting from a DUI/DWI accident is considered “gross negligence,” and punitive damages can be imposed on the drunken driver. Injuries suffered in drunk driving accidents can also involve criminal law. Injuries resulting from DUI/DWI accidents tend to be more severe.

To fully protect an injured person’s rights, or the rights of surviving family members following a DUI/DWI-related wrongful death claim, a lawyer should know how the separate criminal law legal process may affect the civil case for compensation.

At the Texas law firm of Tritico Rainey, our Houston drunk driving accident attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of car accidents, including those related to DUI/DWI.

Were you injured in a car crash by a drunk driver? Was a loved one injured or lost in a DUI/DWI accident? Contact Tritico Rainey, at 866-719-1434 or 713-581-8203.

A Record Of Success Based On Experience

Our four-member team of lawyers has handled thousands of personal injury accidents, and our attorneys are very aware of how criminal charges may affect a civil case. We will not allow your case for compensation to be delayed due to confusion over criminal charges and the drunk driver’s criminal trial.

We have a record of obtaining punitive exemplary damages following drunk driving accidents. Our goal is to obtain a settlement or jury verdict that equals the full policy limits of the drunk driver’s insurance, as well as the policy limits of the victim’s uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. For a no-charge discussion of your drunk driving injury case, contact our office.

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For experienced legal representation following a serious car accident, call Tritico Rainey. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend appointments and employ Spanish speakers. We are centrally located in The Heights area near downtown Houston inside the loop. To contact us, call 866-719-1434 or 713-581-8203.