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Helping New And Existing Businesses In Houston And Across Texas

In a troubled economic environment, business law legal services are needed more and more, even as profits and revenues fall for many organizations. We can provide knowledgeable, client-oriented and affordable business transaction and organization legal services when you are starting a firm or your firm encounters legal challenges.

How We Can Help

At the Houston law firm of Tritico Rainey, our four-member attorney team has provided experienced business advice and organization to numerous firms and non-profits across Texas. Do you need attentive, cost-effective legal help with:

  • Selecting a type of business entity?
  • Forming a business, including a limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship?
  • Creating an ownership agreement?
  • Negotiating a commercial lease?
  • Buying or selling a business?
  • A merger or acquisition?
  • A joint venture?
  • Drafting or reviewing a contract, including buy/sell agreements?
  • Protecting a trade secret?
  • Drafting or enforcing a noncompete agreement?
  • Drafting or reviewing an employment agreement?
  • Handling oil and gas agreement?
  • Creating stock purchase agreements?

We can manage your full business transaction legal needs, from acquisition of facilities and land to negotiating and renegotiating contracts with vendors and suppliers. In addition, we are experienced business and commercial litigators, and can handle your legal matters relating to contracts, environmental law, insurance law and subrogation claims. For a no-charge discussion of your business transaction and organization legal needs, contact our office.

Contact Us

For experienced legal help regarding business law, call the attorney team at Tritico Rainey. We offer free initial consultations, are available for evening and weekend appointments, accept credit cards and employ Spanish speakers. We are centrally located in The Heights area near downtown Houston inside the loop. To contact a lawyer, call 866-719-1434 or at 713-581-8203.