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Houston Subrogation Claims Lawyers

At Tritico Rainey, our Houston subrogation claims attorneys provide legal counsel to insurance companies, banks and other businesses with a financial interest in a lawsuit. Our attorneys have experience representing insurance companies, banks and others in subrogation matters. Your company can rely upon our firm to handle subrogation matters resulting from payments made on behalf of policyholders for:

  • Injuries and medical payments resulting from car accidents, truck accidents and other negligent accidents
  • Damages resulting from defective products (product litigation), defective workmanship, failure to perform

Our Texas attorneys have secured compensation for owners and reimbursement for insurers. Investigative skills, thorough analysis of the facts, and attentiveness to moving a case through to completion are the traits that have made Tritico Rainey, successful in subrogation.

When Results Count, You Can Count On Tritico Rainey

Contact the Houston subrogation claim lawyers at Tritico Rainey by calling 713-581-8203. You can also reach us toll free at 866-719-1434. We are centrally located in The Heights area near downtown Houston inside the loop.