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Houston Environmental Law Lawyers

The environmental law attorneys in the civil law division of Tritico Rainey, represent individuals and organizations seeking to bring environmental claims forward or to defend against claims of violations of environmental law. Our environmental lawyers represent clients in civil and criminal matters involving environmental issues. We have extensive experience with hazardous waste cleanup and Superfund sites.

Defense Against Environmental Lawsuits

We have defended individuals, groups of plaintiffs, and small and large businesses on matters involving:

  • Chemical exposure
  • Groundwater pollution
  • Soil and other ground contamination
  • Air pollution
  • Navigable waterway pollution and other water pollution
  • Chemical spills
  • Mishandling of hazardous material

It is critical that our clients have the resources they need to remediate pollution problems and to prevent any further violations. Attorney Chris Tritico has years of experience working in the area of environmental law from both the civil and criminal perspectives. He has many expert resources to bring to your case to help you identify and solve your environmental problem.

Bringing An Environmental Claim

While the Texas Supreme Court has disallowed most causes of civil action for those who claim personal harm from environmental contamination, some causes of civil action remain. For example, homeowners may have a cause of action for loss of property value.

A current problem in the Houston area is that of water contaminated by radiation. In some parts of our community, there are naturally occurring levels of radiation in the ground water. Developers of residential properties and municipal utility districts (MUDs) need to be aware of this dangerous water condition and must drill to another water level to secure safe water for the community. Lack of access to safe water will have a significant negative impact on property values.

Proactive Consultation On Environmental Issues

Our environmental lawyers are available to help you before any negative civil or criminal action has occurred. We can help you determine if your business is in compliance with EPA laws and regulations, with the Texas Natural Resources Code, with local landfill codes, and with the Harris County DA’s office environmental task force. Call us for legal help with an environmental review.

Call Us For Help Protecting Your Rights

If you are facing a lawsuit or your company needs help avoiding an environmental damage claim, contact the Houston environmental law attorneys at Tritico Rainey. Call us toll free at 866-719-1434 or contact us at 713-581-8203. We are centrally located in The Heights area, near downtown Houston, inside the loop.