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Experienced Money Laundering And Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

Many people assume that white collar crimes such as money laundering or embezzlement are not as heavily prosecuted as crimes like murder or drunk driving. However, both Texas state and federal prosecutors take corporate crimes very seriously. To protect your rights and interests, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The Houston corporate fraud attorneys of Tritico Rainey, have more than 75 years of combined experience representing individuals and companies accused of a variety of criminal offenses. We are known and respected by judges and other lawyers throughout the region for our aggressive defense strategies and dedicated client service.

Types Of Corporate Crime Charges We Take On

We understand the sophisticated and complex nature of corporate crimes. Our experience includes representing those accused of:

Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of business and commercial law matters, so we use our in-depth knowledge of corporate practice and current markets to our clients’ advantage. When necessary, we work with qualified forensic experts and accountants to build an effective defense.

Experienced Criminal Defense In State And Federal Courts

We have extensive experience representing presidents, CEOs, financial officers, corporate employees and other individuals accused of corporate crimes in state and federal courts in Texas and nationwide. We have also defended clients in criminal appeals before the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fifth and Tenth Circuits as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Protect your rights and interests, both now and in the future, by hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney. Contact Tritico Rainey, today for a free initial consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Call us at 713-581-8203 or toll free at 866-719-1434 to schedule now. Se habla español.