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Some symptoms of injury can be delayed after an accident

Most people understand that car accidents can result in significant injuries. Accidents are frequently included in lists of the leading causes of death for Americans, whether the lists are compiled by medical professionals, government sources or other organizations. Many people who have suffered injuries in car accidents, however, do not always realize the severity of their injuries in the immediate aftermath of the wreck. Symptoms of injuries, including serious injuries, can be delayed for days – or longer – after an accident.

It is important for accident victims to seek medical attention after an accident. Unfortunately, many accident victims muddle through daily chores without any medical attention. Some people may suffer minor symptoms – those aches or stiffness – that people expect to experience after a wreck. Others may not feel significant aches or pains and decline to seek a medical evaluation, allowing potential internal injuries to get worse.

It may be possible to challenge the validity of a signed warrant

Most Texans may understand that members of law enforcement generally need to have a warrant to enter a home to search for evidence of a potential crime. Our homes are sanctuaries that receive strong constitutional protection under the warrant requirement. Law enforcement often works to obtain a warrant to search homes for potential evidence of a crime. It is important to note, however, that the existence of a signed search warrant is not necessarily the final word on the reasonableness of the search.

Members of law enforcement typically supply a judge or magistrate with written or oral statements outlining their basis to believe that the is sufficient individualized suspicion that evidence of a specific crime may be found in a search. The court will evaluate whether the alleged suspicions rise to the level of probable cause to reasonably believe the evidence exists at the specified location. The application for a warrant may be lengthy, but length alone is not always constitutionally sound.

Two who worked for ex-NFLer turned doctor charged in fraud scheme

A Texas native was drafted by the NFL’s Buffalo Bills as a defensive end out of Baylor University back in 1976. Though Leslie Benson later wound up with the Dallas Cowboys, his pro football career was so unremarkable that the NFL's website says there are no career statistics for him.

Benson would later become a doctor with offices in Fort Worth, Waco and Temple. Two women who worked as billing clerks in his workers’ compensation clinics have been charged with health care fraud, according to the federal government’s Department of Justice. The former footballer was charged last year for his role in an alleged scheme to defraud the government of more than $158 million.

How dangerous are Texas highways?

Motor vehicle accidents can occur on any road, in parking lots or any other location where people travel in vehicles. There is a common maxim that the majority of car accidents occur within a few blocks of the homes of victims. While wrecks may occur in many places, there are some roadways that are statistically more dangerous than others.

Texas has a strong infrastructure for hauling goods on the roads and traveling throughout the state.    Highway, freeway and interstate traffic all pose significant risks for catastrophic or fatal injury due to the speeds involved. With the volume of traffic -- including motorcycles, cars and semi-trucks -- just how dangerous are the highways in Texas?

Texas school bus crash; 1 student killed, others injured

It is every parent's nightmare. Their child, who they thought was safely in the care of other adults, has been taken away forever. The nightmare has become all too real for the Texas parents of a middle school student killed when a school bus rolled on its side and then caught fire.

According to news sources, the Mesquite Independent School District bus was carrying 42 kids when the incident occurred about 250 miles north of Houston. In addition to the fatality, several other students were injured in the crash.

Former Texas personal assistant accused of white collar crimes

A Texas newspaper recently ran an extensive article on a man the paper claims "has a taste for the finer things in life." One former friend says the man is "a con artist" who made off with $10,000.

The former friend's allegation pales in comparison to allegations made by his former employers - Frisco business owners - who say John Wright Martin, who worked as a personal assistant for them, stole millions of dollars. Theft and forgery charges were filed against 33-year-old Martin last year in Collin County.

When federal investigators come knocking

Before federal prosecutors hand down an indictment, investigators often contact a person who is under suspicion of a federal crime. FBI agents or other federal officials, such as agents from the IRS Criminal Investigations Division, regularly seek statements from potential witnesses and individuals who are suspected of a federal offense. There are a variety of ways federal investigators may reach out to a suspect, including in person, over the phone or via subpoena.

Federal Agents Are Not Looking To Have Tea With You

One thing is clear: When federal agents conduct an investigation, they are not looking to make friends with someone they suspect has committed a crime. For many hardworking people, it is tempting to voluntarily speak with members of law enforcement in an effort to explain away any suspicion. Unfortunately, any statements a person voluntarily makes will be used against them. It is not likely that a person will ever be able to talk their way out of an investigation.

Risk of serious motorcycle injuries increase with age

Motorcycle enthusiasts include riders in any age group. Getting in the wind on a motorcycle to commute to work, enjoy the open road in times of leisure, or for basic transportation continue to be economical and enjoyable reasons many Texans choose to ride. At any age, riders are vulnerable to serious injuries in a crash. The average age of motorcycle riders has increased in the past two decades.

Fatalities Have Increased

It is important to note that older riders tend to suffer injuries that are more serious, or catastrophic, than the injuries that younger riders may experience. AAA says that deaths among riders age 60 and over rose from 2,000 nationwide in 1998 to 8,000 in 2007. For riders in their 50s, motorcycle fatalities soared by 150 percent in that same time frame. More recently, motorcycle fatalities in motorcycle accidents spiked in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While motorcycle registrations rose slightly that year, fatal accidents hit their highest level in eight years.

Texas man indicted on federal drug trafficking charges

A 43-year-old Texas man arrested last month after law enforcement officials seized nearly four pounds of methamphetamine has been indicted by federal grand jurors. The Lubbock resident has been indicted for possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of meth and possession of a firearm while committing a drug trafficking crime. He’s also accused of being a convicted felon in possession of a gun, according to a news report.

He has been held at the county’s detention center since his arrest late last month by county investigators.

Houston police conduct bank sting operation

The Chronicle reports that the Houston police officers recently conducted a sting operation outside of a bank. The paper says that police used a bait car and a visible bag containing money in an attempt to ensnare people believed to be running a bank jugging scheme.

Two people were arrested on charges of engaging in organized crime, burglary of a vehicle and evading arrest.