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Standing Up For Policyholders After Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denials And Underpayment On Claims

Every year, thousands of insurance policyholders nationwide experience a loss because of a car accident, a house fire, a business break-in or the death of a loved one. They turn to the insurance company they’ve paid for years, only to find their claim denied or devalued. Trying to get justice from a large insurance company is time-consuming, frustrating – and if you are trying to do it without legal help — often futile.

Fighting For Fair Insurance Settlements

At the Houston office of Tritico Rainey, we help insurance policyholders get full and fair settlements from their insurance companies. We provide services in insurance law for policyholders in the following areas:

  • Life insurance
  • Car insurance, including uninsured and underinsured policies
  • Property insurance for both residential and commercial properties including specialized flood policies
  • General liability coverage

Insider Experience With Insurance Companies

Our insurance lawyers have extensive experience working with insurance companies. We understand how insurance companies operate, the information they need in order to properly settle a claim, and the tactics they use to delay and deny payment. We provide the legal firepower to help clients achieve fair treatment and accurate valuations in cases where the insurance company has:

  • Unfairly denied a claim
  • Unfairly charged the policyholder with fraud (fraudulently filling out the insurance application, failing to disclose a preexisting condition, or fraud related to the cause of a property loss)
  • Unfairly refused to pay a life insurance benefit
  • Unreasonably delayed payment in a way that damages the policyholder
  • Wrongly stated that the insurance policy has lapsed
  • Undervalued a property loss claim
  • Wrongly stated that a property loss was not covered

Litigation May Be The Only Option To Get What You Are Due

We prepare each case for trial in order to negotiate from a position of strength. We have the investigative and expert resources needed to compile and analyze the evidence in your case and to assess the true value of your claim.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who understand how to effectively pursue settlement terms that are in the best interests of our clients. However, if negotiation will not work, we are ready and able to take your case to court. We have a track record of handling insurance law cases in the state of Texas. One of the most significant cases in insurance subrogation was handled by our firm.

When You Need an Insurer To Treat You Fairly, Contact Our Houston Attorneys

If you need help getting an insurance company to settle your life insurance claim, property loss or damage claim, or general liability claim, contact Tritico Rainey toll free at 866-719-1434, or call 713-581-8203. We are centrally located in The Heights area near downtown Houston inside the loop.