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What are the types of identity theft?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense, White-collar crimes

Modern technology has allowed digital information to flow constantly, allowing consumers to complete different tasks and transactions from mobile devices. It might be a good sign of progress tech-wise, but this phenomenon allowed identity theft to become more widespread. It can happen to anyone at any time. Also, there is no limit to who can commit this crime, intentional or not.

Mainly, if your job entails handling others’ sensitive information, it could be easy to accuse you of stealing these details for personal gain. Additionally, you could receive charges for crimes you did not commit if you fall victim to identity theft. If you find yourself in these scenarios, it could be helpful to know the following types of identity theft:

  • Financial – It happens when someone uses others’ details to make financial transactions. This type of identity theft often involves manipulation because perpetrators intend to defraud before targeting victims.
  • Criminal – Victims of these incidents only find out about it once they receive court notices or find unknown criminal charges on their record during a background check. It can be challenging to navigate criminal identity theft because there could be no trace of who used the victim’s information.
  • Tax fraud and other benefit-related activities – These incidents can happen when someone uses the victim’s identification to collect benefits or refunds on their behalf. They are often challenging to sort out, especially if the one collecting benefits is a family member or a friend.

Any involvement in identity theft can be serious because this offense can come with severe penalties, depending on the circumstances.

Navigating the process to address identity theft

Sometimes, it is easy to determine if an identity theft offense is valid. Other times, factors surrounding the incident can put you in a tricky situation. Someone else might have implicated you in the crime because of your access to their personal information or through criminal identity theft.

In these instances, it is best to seek legal counsel immediately. Doing so can help you determine your options, navigate the process and clear up what happened.