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Should you see a dentist after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Car Accidents

Because they use drills and sometimes cause pain, dentists can be scary. In fact, roughly 60% of Americans report feeling anxiety before dental visits. Another 12% have a clinical phobia of dentists. Still, if you want to keep your teeth in tip-top shape, you should regularly see the dentist.

A catastrophic car accident may leave you with many different injuries, ranging from whiplash to organ damage. Your teeth and the soft parts of your mouth may also sustain serious injuries in any type of crash. Consequently, you may need to consult with a dentist after an accident.

Clenching teeth may cause tooth damage

Not all motor vehicle accidents happen suddenly. If you see an approaching vehicle, you may brace yourself for impact. Doing so, of course, may cause you to clench your teeth. Biting down hard may result in fractures or enamel damage. You may also injure your jaw when clenching in the lead-up to a collision.

Biting through your tongue is possible

Whether or not you brace yourself for the accident, you may inadvertently bite through your tongue during a collision. Unfortunately, partial tongue amputations are not rare in car accidents. If you have a tongue injury, an emergency room physician may refer you to a dental surgeon or another specialist.

Losing a tooth may lead to long-term complications

Hitting your face on your car’s airbag or any other surface may contribute to tooth loss. Losing a tooth may lead to long-term complications. For example, you may struggle to talk or eat normally. You may also have psychological scars from a lost tooth.

Ultimately, while dentists have ways to replace lost teeth and repair other types of tooth damage, you should advocate for your dental health after any car accident. Having a dentist assess the full scope of damage early on can help you to seek compensation for it in a legal claim.