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What are the dangers of cargo that’s not secured properly?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Improperly secured cargo on semitrucks presents a variety of dangers that extend far beyond the vehicle’s immediate vicinity. From shifting loads to road hazards, the implications of unsecured cargo are vast and multifaceted.

When cargo isn’t adequately secured, it can lead to severe consequences for a truck driver and other road users. This is a critical issue in road safety and transportation regulations that can impact innocent people for a variety of reasons.

Shifting loads and loss of control

One of the primary dangers of improperly secured cargo is the shifting of loads. This can have a drastic impact on the truck’s balance and handling. If the cargo shifts unexpectedly during transportation, it can cause the truck to tip over, particularly during turns or sudden maneuvers.

The consequences can be severe, leading to multi-vehicle collisions. This is especially problematic on interstates because of higher speeds. The trucker may not have the time to correct the trajectory of the vehicle and other motorists may not have the time to take evasive maneuvers to avoid slamming into the truck.

Falling debris and road hazards

Another critical risk involves cargo falling off the truck. This can happen when the cargo is not secured correctly, posing a significant hazard to other road users. Falling debris can lead to accidents, causing damage to vehicles, injuries and fatalities. It also creates road obstructions, leading to traffic delays and additional accidents as drivers attempt to avoid the debris.

Victims of crashes resulting from improperly secured cargo may suffer from catastrophic injuries. In some cases, such as if the rig rolls, fatalities are possible. Anyone who survives one of these horrific wrecks should get immediate medical care because it’s possible that injuries are hidden due to adrenaline from the crash and other factors.

When one of these crashes occurs due to negligence, the victims – or their surviving loved ones – may opt to pursue a compensation claim. They can seek damages for expenses related to medical care, missed work and other similar costs that are related to the injury.