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Is it against the law for someone to drive while seriously ill?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many Texans pride themselves on their work ethic, which means that they show up no matter what else is going on in their lives. The loss of a family member, an issue with their motor vehicle or even health concerns won’t stop these adults from showing up for work or other personal obligations. In some cases, that dogged sense of personal responsibility stems from necessity, as they may not have anyone else to assist them in overcoming their current challenges.

Unfortunately, the decisions that people make out of necessity or stubbornness could potentially cause harm to others. Choosing to drive while sick is a perfect example. Feeling under the weather often means grappling with diminished driving skills.

Is it illegal for someone to drive while sick?

Texas does not have a statute about illness

Technically, there isn’t a state law that prohibits the use of a motor vehicle with a fever or other medical symptoms. There are a few medical conditions, like epilepsy, that can cost someone their driver’s license. However, passing illnesses won’t trigger such rules.

It could be possible for someone to violate Texas state law by driving while feeling ill if they take certain kinds of medication before driving. Drugged driving involving over-the-counter or prescription medication is as serious of a concern as drugged driving involving prohibited substances. If someone causes a crash while under the influence of cough syrup, the state might charge them with a crime.

Those hurt by an infirm driver may have rights

Although there may not be a statute prohibiting driving while ill, most people would agree that it was a negligent decision. Illnesses can leave someone struggling to focus or with difficulty making good decisions. They could start sneezing or coughing while driving, which could lead to a major mistake at the wheel. Most people recognize the risk inherent in driving while they are seriously ill.

Therefore, those who have been hurt by someone who drives while sick could potentially be in a position to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against that other driver if an insurance claim isn’t sufficient to cover all of their expenses. Learning more about Texas traffic laws and personal injury claims can help those who have been hurt in a wreck caused by someone else to make more informed choices about their legal options.