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Alcohol in involved in Texas car crash that killed three students

The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced that alcohol was a contributor to a May 4 car crash that killed three Stephen F. Austin students and left another critically injured. The car accident happened at 7:40 p.m. when the Ford Escort carrying the four students pulled onto the shoulder of State Highway 315 in Rusk County and then pulled back onto the road to make a U-turn. An 18-wheeler crashed into the driver's side of the Escort as it pulled off the shoulder.

Corpus Christi police say truck started collisions that injured 6

Because most truck drivers spend a great deal of time on the road, there is the risk that they become less attentive while driving. There are federal guidelines and regulations for drivers of large commercial vehicles, and drivers of municipal vehicles are also held to a higher standard of safety if they are to keep their jobs. In any case, even the slightest mistake on the part of a truck driver can have injurious consequences.

Driver flees and crashes into Harris County residence

A driver who is suspected of breaking traffic laws may try to escape justice by driving away from a law enforcement vehicle at high speed. A chase then ensues, and it can end in a car accident in which there is property damage.

Negligence likely a factor in fatal 3-car crash in Dayton

Speeding is all too common in the Houston area, and this kind of reckless behavior nonetheless places innocent motorists' lives in danger on a daily basis. When a death results because of someone else's negligence, the family of the victim or a representative of the victim's estate may file a wrongful death claim to hold the negligent driver accountable.

Suspected drunk driver hits and kills pedestrian in Houston

Drunk drivers endanger everyone in the vicinity of their vehicles, including other drivers and pedestrians. Drunk driving accident victims have the right to seek compensation for their injuries, since accidents caused by drunk drivers could often have been avoided if the drivers acted more responsibly. A fatal auto accident in Houston earlier this month underscores the risks to the community that drunk drivers pose.

Houston teen intentionally run over by ex-Walmart employee

In a bizarre case of what appears to be overzealous theft prevention, police say that a Houston teen was intentionally run over by a Walmart employee. As with injuries that happen as a result of what we normally call car "accidents," injury intentionally inflicted by a motorist can also be the subject of a personal injury claim.