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Fatal Texas construction accident results in a lawsuit

A Dec. 3 construction accident at Kyle Field is reported to have taken the life of a worker. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's investigation is still ongoing, and in the meantime, the family of the deceased worker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Houston chain-reaction pileup involves 16 vehicles

According to police, a chain-reaction accident that took place in west Houston began when a driver had a stroke. The pileup included 16 cars and injured six people. The car accident took place on Wirt Road and Westview in front of a church on Dec. 17 around 2:15.

Mom dies, daughter injured in Texas accident

A suspected shoplifter who attempted to flee a store reportedly ran a red light and collided with a car, killing its driver and injuring a teenage passenger. The suspected shoplifter was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

A construction worker's fatal fall

On Dec. 3, a fatal incident was reported in Texas that indicated that a 25-year-old construction worker lost his life when he fell from a construction site on the north side of the A & M University Kyle Field. The A& M University Kyle Field is the main ground for the university's football games and is going through a reconstruction process.

Family of woman who fell out of roller coaster sues Six Flags

A 52-year-old woman who was visiting Six Flags Over Texas for the first time fell out of a roller coaster car in July. According to authorities, the woman was riding the Texas Giant roller coaster when she slipped, falling approximately 75 feet before hitting a tunneled portion of the ride.

Dump truck rolls over car, killing driver

A Texas woman was killed after a dump truck rolled over her car. She had been on her way home with her grandson, who survived the accident. The truck had been headed west on FM 1626 in Hays County when its driver lost control. The truck hit one car before it rolled onto the 58-year-old grandmother's vehicle, crushing it and burying it with dirt. The truck driver said he swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle that cut him off before he lost control of his vehicle.

Texas chemist sentenced to 1 year for negligence

The 41-year-old former president of Port Arthur Chemical and Environmental Service, or PACES, was sentenced to 12 months in federal prison for workplace negligence that resulted in the death of an employee at the company. He pleaded guilty to violating OSHA policies and providing a false statement to authorities on May 9. In addition to a prison sentence, the man was also issued a $5,000 fine.

Mitsubishi denies fault for car fire

A lawsuit was filed against automaker Mitsubishi by the family of a Texas woman who burned to death in one of the company's vehicles, allegedly due to a malfunction that caused it to burst into flames. The wrongful death suit also named Smylie Unlimited and Meineke Car Care Centers as defendants in the case.

Five killed in two-vehicle accident

An accident involving a pickup truck and a second vehicle resulted in the death of five people in Texas. According to a sergeant with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Dodge pickup, which was carrying two people, rear-ended a GMC truck that was carrying five people. The impact caused both vehicles to roll over before coming to rest in a nearby roadside ditch. All five people in the GMC were killed as a result of the accident.

Speed and alcohol possible factors in teen's death

The Harris County Sheriff's Office reported that a teen lost his life, and the driver suffered critical injuries after speeding and alcohol possibly caused the deadly accident on Sept. 15. The two occupants had been watching a televised boxing match before the fatal accident. The driver may have been speeding as he traveled down the street in his Honda Civic when he hit a curb and drove into a tree in the front yard of a residence. Neither person was restrained by a seatbelt when the crash happened. The driver was thrown from the car and transported to a medical facility in critical condition.