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Construction worker killed in fatal accident, driver charged

The choices a driver makes on the road can have a profound impact on those who are on the roadways with the driver. This is especially true when the driver is driving in an unsafe manner through a construction zone that is full of workers. A recent accident along State Highway 161 in Texas is an example of how unsafe driving can rip someone away from his or her loved ones in an instant.

Football player in Texas trapped in burning car

Breaking reports indicate that a young man who used to play for the Texas A&M Aggies suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The man was apparently trapped in the car after the crash, and the car then caught on fire. This caused him to get at least second degree burns on both his right leg and his right arm. In addition, he also broke his left leg.

Six Flags and Texas Giant maker blame each other for death

When Six Flags Over Texas debuted the Texas Giant last year, many adrenaline junkies were sorely disappointed to learn that the inaugural year was cut short after a woman died on the ride. The 52-year-old woman plummeted to her death after falling out of the ride because of an improperly fitted lap bar and seat. While this is only the second death in the amusement park's history, it is making a big impact on park safety.

Houston crash may cost taxi driver and passenger their legs

Two men may lose their legs as a result of a crash involving a taxi and personal vehicle. The crash, which happened on John F Kennedy Boulevard in Houston, Texas, took place in the early morning, after midnight.

Fatal car wreck near Kilgore kills 2, injures 4

A fatal car accident on U.S. 259 near Kilgore, Texas, took the lives of two children on Thursday, leaving their mother in critical condition. The family was traveling northbound in a van when a pickup truck going the wrong direction in their lane approached. The father, who was driving the van, swerved to try to avoid the pickup. That’s when the two vehicles collided. The children, 12 and 5, were both pronounced dead. The father was later released from Good Shepherd Hospital after being treated for minor injuries, but the mother remains at Good Shepherd Hospital in critical condition.

Blown tire and shifting semi-truck load cause fatal accident

Accidents are bound to happen as drivers take to the public roadways for a variety of reasons. For all drivers, especially drivers of commercial vehicles, making sure that everything on the vehicle is ready to go and in good operating condition prior to leaving on a drive is vital to help ensure the safety of everyone who will share the roadway with them. Anything that isn't in good operating condition on the vehicle can lead to a serious accident. A recent accident in Texas shows that even something as simple as a blown tire can have dire consequences.

Houston accident claims the life of 1 biker, 3 others injured

Driving a motorcycle is a dangerous task under the best of conditions. When a person is driving a motorcycle on a busy interstate that has construction projects being completed, the danger is increased. In those cases, the motorcycle riders are placing more trust in other drivers and the construction crews to make sure they are safe. A recent accident in Houston shows that placing that trust in others is sometimes a bad idea.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against mall owners for man's death

Going to the mall isn't something that most people would think of as being dangerous. In fact, most people expect that malls will have security guards on hand to help keep patrons safe. While that does happen in most cases, there are some horrible cases in which the mall doesn't provide adequate security. Sadly, a man was killed in an accident that a recent Texas lawsuit alleges is the result of improper security.

Woman killed on skateboard, lawsuit filed for fatal accident

People who are driving on the roadways have to be aware of everything that is going on around them. Simply watching the other vehicles on the roadway isn't enough to ensure that no accidents happen. When you add in driver impairment, the safety level is further diminished. A recent lawsuit filed in Galveston County District Court shows how failing to drive safely can turn into a tragic situation.