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Stay safe on Texas roads during the busy holiday season

With Christmas right around the corner and New Year's Eve following right behind it, this is the perfect time to remind our readers that following state laws pertaining to driving can help to keep everyone on the roadways safe. Texas has a variety of laws that drivers might need a refresher course on.

Fatal accident at DuPont plant in Texas kills 4, injures 1

Last weekend, four workers died and another was injured at a DuPont plant. In the incident that caused the deaths and injury, a faulty valve led to the release of around 100 pounds of methyl mercaptan. This insecticide component is fatal in even small amounts. Our readers in Texas might be interested to learn that the factory where the incident happened has been previously cited for problems.

Wrongful death: From compensation claims to probate issues

When you lose a loved one in a horrible accident, such as the tragic helicopter crash we covered last week, your thoughts might turn to the emotional side of your loss. You might find yourself reliving memories you have of the person. You might find that you are sad or angry about losing your loved one. Another realization that you will come to is that you might have to deal with your loved one's final arrangements. From there, you might also have to deal with settling his or her estate.

Medical helicopter crashes in Texas, patient killed, 3 hurt

Medical flights are usually reserved for only the sickest of sick people. They are usually used when life-saving measures that are necessary for the patient aren't available at one hospital. When a person gets onboard one of these medical flights, they don't expect to die on the flight. Certainly, their family members expect that they will land safely at the destination hospital. For one patient, an accident while he was on the medical flight claimed his life.

Injuries from car accidents require serious representation

Anyone who reads our blog on a regular basis knows just how devastating automobile accidents can be. In the last couple of weeks alone, we have talked about wrongful death claims, semi-truck accidents and a pregnant woman who was killed along with her unborn son at the hands of a drunk driver. All of those combined show what a big problem automobile accidents are in Texas.

Wrongful death claims must meet certain qualifications

Last week, we discussed the possibility of seeking exemplary damages in a wrongful death case. That information might have some of our Texas readers wondering exactly what it means when someone is suing for wrongful death or accused of wrongful death. A wrongful death claim has some very specific qualifications that must be met.

What are exemplary damages in a Texas wrongful death claim?

Under Texas state law the surviving spouses, children and parents of a person killed by a wrongful act are entitled to sue the responsible party for compensation. Texas defines a wrongful act as something which causes the death of another by means of negligence, carelessness unskillfulness or default.

Vaginal births: Profiles of 4 possible birth injuries

Birth injuries are events that no expectant parents think will happen to them. For some expectant parents, however, things go wrong in the delivery room, and the baby is hurt. These injuries can be serious and can sometimes lead to lifelong consequences for the baby. Our Texas readers might like to know more about the types of injuries that can occur during labor and birth.

Texas car accident leaves one dead when semi crosses highway

Officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety have said that a woman died in an accident on Sept. 8 in which her car was hit by a truck. The crash happened on State Highway 114. In the wake of the accident, the road had to be closed to traffic for a few hours.

Fiery fatal accident allegedly caused by drunk driver

People who are intoxicated or impaired can't react to the normal situations that occur on the roadways. This is one of the reasons why drunk driving is against the law. When people don't follow this law, horrible accidents can happen. One accident on Texas 71 just west of Bastrop that was allegedly caused by a drunk driver claimed the life of a man.