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Posts tagged "Wrongful death"

Crane collapse kills 2 at University of Texas, Dallas

In a tragic construction accident, a crane collapse at the University of Texas killed two workers, according to school officials. Reports indicated that the collapse occurred when workers were dismantling the crane. Witnesses said that the workers were doing their work when an unexpected wind came and knocked over the heavy machinery. Those at the accident scene heard screaming when the crane collapsed onto the workers and the building.

Drunk driver sentenced after killing Houston cop

A Houston man was sentenced to 55 years in prison after he killed a Houston police officer in a drunk-driving accident. According to reports, the driver had a blood-alcohol level of three times the legal limit when he sped past a police roadblock in May 2011. Any car accident involving drunk-driving could result in criminal as well as civil penalties against the driver and any other liable individuals or entities.

HEB sued for motorcyclist death in parking lot

HEB, the well-known Texas supermarket chain, is being sued after a motorcycle accident killed a patron at their Atascocita location. A woman is pursuing a wrongful death claim on behalf of her husband who struck a speed bump while on his motorcycle and hit his head in a covered parking lot. When he rode over a speed bump, his speed combined with the lift caused him to hit his head, a fatal injury which ultimately caused his untimely death.

Relatives sue Chrysler after death of Houston couple

Relatives caring for three orphaned children are pursuing a lawsuit against Chrysler after a tragic accident took the lives of their young parents. The federal lawsuit names Chrysler and the other driver in the collision as defendants in the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Houston, Texas earlier this month.

Oil rig exemptions threaten workers and highway travelers

With gas prices at stake, the government has made certain legal exceptions for the oil industry to keep rigs productive and prices low. A recent report shows that the largest cause of fatalities in the oil rig industry is highway accidents, in part due to oil field exemptions from highway safety rules that allow truckers to work longer than drivers in other industries. This applies to oil rig workers in Houston, Texas and nationwide.

Landlord sued for party without permit, wrongful death of teen

The tragic death of Cyprus Springs student has left has parents looking for answers and wanting justice. After their son was killed in a Southwest-Houston foam party, the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the property owner and resident of the home that was the location of the party.