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Posts tagged "Wrongful death"

Dow Chemical worker chemically burned in workplace accident

A Texas worker for Dow Chemical was reportedly chemically burned in a serious explosion and later died as a result of his injuries. The man had worked as an operator at the chemical plant for more than 10 years and was changing the filter on one of the ammonia recycling units when the casing sealing on the unit exploded and sprayed chemicals and scalding hot water all over the worker with such force that he was sent flying backward.

Texas woman faces murder charges after collision

Authorities recently charged a 21 year-old woman with murder, accident involving injury and death, and evading arrest. The charges stem from a fatal accident in which authorities allege the woman refused to pull over. They initiated the traffic stop after receiving information that the woman was observed shoplifting with two other individuals at a shopping mall and left driving a red Dodge Avenger.

Michael Jackson's mom files $40 billion wrongful-death claim

As the eyes of the nation, including Texas, watch the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit unfold, the public will sneak a peek into the pop star's very private life, including allegations of sexual assault and testimony from at least one of his children, who has mostly avoided the public eye until now. His 82-year-old mother is asking for $40 billion in the wrongful death lawsuit against the concert promoter that worked with her son before his death. She thinks he could have earned that much money if he had not tragically died at age 50. Another attorney expressed surprise at the extremely high amount she was requesting, especially when considering Jackson's debt load at the time of his death. The judge has already rejected several aspects of the lawsuit, leaving the jury with only one charge to focus on, that of negligent hiring. Court documents claim that the company hired Jackson's physician so that he would not miss any of the tour. The doctor in the case has already been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the singer medications that eventually led to his death.

Texas man killed in motorcycle accident

In the early morning hours of March 10, a 35-year-old Spring, Texas woman drove into oncoming traffic on Birnham Wood Boulevard. Her vehicle collided head on with a motorcycle. The driver was ejected from the vehicle, landing approximately 100 feet away. He was pronounced dead at the scene.The 42-year-old victim, a resident of Spring, was driving southbound near Riley Fuzzel Road when the fatal accident occurred. The motorcycle was destroyed. The woman and a passenger in her vehicle were transported to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Drilling can be a dangerous business

Since 2009, there have been 35 completed Occupational Safety and Health Administration fatality investigations into different businesses involved in the Texas oil and gas industry. Eleven of those wrongful deaths occurred at one of the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas fields. The Eagle Ford Shale employs thousands of workers and offers them lucrative paychecks, but some question if the price of working in such a dangerous industry is too high.At the site of each fatality, OSHA found safety violations. Workers at drill sites put in long hours under extremely stressful conditions. The equipment that they work on and with is heavy and can be dangerous if not properly maintained. In addition, many drill sites are in remote areas. If an accident occurs, it may be too late for treatment by the time emergency personnel arrive.

Fatal explosion at Harris County plant under investigation

Accidents can occur at any workplace, though some professions carry more risk than others. When a fatal accident or serious injury does occur, family members are left with tremendous feelings of fear, loss and, in many cases, financial challenges due to medical bills and funeral expenses. A family facing such an ordeal is able to seek compensation through a workers' compensation claim or, if a third party is responsible, through a claim for wrongful death.

Alleged drunk driver charged with killing 3 in wrong-way crash

Everyone knows, or should know, that consuming alcohol can impair a person's vision, coordination and judgment, making this individual more susceptible to having an accident while driving. A drunk driving accident, whether in Houston or elsewhere, can cause serious damage to the vehicles involved, as well as severe injuries or death. As a result of such a crash, victims or their loved ones may have grounds to pursue justice through a civil claim for compensation.

Houston driver charged with intoxication manslaughter

Driving while under the influence of illegal narcotics is a serious violation of the law. Just as it is illegal in the state of Texas to drink alcohol and drive, it is also illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs. When drivers using illegal drugs cause a car crash resulting in injury or death, the losses for the innocent victims and their families can be devastating.

Head-on collision in Texas leaves 1 dead

As family members and friends throughout Texas will tell you, auto accidents can have rippling effects on people not directly involved in the crash. Sadly, people's lives are pulled out from under them. In addition to the emotional impact of losing a loved one in a car accident, high medical bills and end-of-life costs often come rolling in. If the affected individuals are unprepared to handle these costs, desperation sets in. But they should remember that there may be legal remedies.

Jury awards $100 million in wrongful death suit

Any death that could have been prevented can leave family members devastated and in search of answers. It's important that Texans facing this kind of struggle know that legal remedies may be available through a wrongful death lawsuit.Readers in Houston will be relieved that three people accused of negligence in the 2007 death of a woman have been held accountable in civil court. The three were charged after the woman was found dead after giving birth to a stillborn baby. The woman's parents were apparently not allowed to see her, but when they did, they saw that she was on the brink of death.