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Posts tagged "gross negligence"

Dallas Cowboy charged with manslaughter after car accident

A player for the Dallas Cowboys may be facing a wrongful death suit due to an auto accident he allegedly caused that resulted in the death of one of his teammates. The drunk-driving accident occurred when defensive lineman Josh Brent and practice-squad linebacker Jerry Brown were traveling through the Dallas suburbs in the early-morning hours on Dec. 8. According to investigators, Brent was speeding when he hit a curb that caused the car to flip over. When police arrived, Brent was pulling 25-year-old Brown from the Mercedes, which was on fire.

Police: driver 'highly intoxicated' in Houston wrong-way crash

Everyone knows, or should know, that alcohol dramatically impairs the senses, reaction times and decision-making abilities of drivers. Still, people drive drunk every day. Unfortunately, innocent people often pay the price, suffering serious personal injury or even death because of a drunken driver's gross negligence. Anyone who has been injured in a DUI accident should be aware that there are legal options to hold the driver accountable in civil court.