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Posts tagged "fatal accident"

Fatal accident at DuPont plant in Texas kills 4, injures 1

Last weekend, four workers died and another was injured at a DuPont plant. In the incident that caused the deaths and injury, a faulty valve led to the release of around 100 pounds of methyl mercaptan. This insecticide component is fatal in even small amounts. Our readers in Texas might be interested to learn that the factory where the incident happened has been previously cited for problems.

Fiery fatal accident allegedly caused by drunk driver

People who are intoxicated or impaired can't react to the normal situations that occur on the roadways. This is one of the reasons why drunk driving is against the law. When people don't follow this law, horrible accidents can happen. One accident on Texas 71 just west of Bastrop that was allegedly caused by a drunk driver claimed the life of a man.

Construction worker killed in fatal accident, driver charged

The choices a driver makes on the road can have a profound impact on those who are on the roadways with the driver. This is especially true when the driver is driving in an unsafe manner through a construction zone that is full of workers. A recent accident along State Highway 161 in Texas is an example of how unsafe driving can rip someone away from his or her loved ones in an instant.

Six Flags and Texas Giant maker blame each other for death

When Six Flags Over Texas debuted the Texas Giant last year, many adrenaline junkies were sorely disappointed to learn that the inaugural year was cut short after a woman died on the ride. The 52-year-old woman plummeted to her death after falling out of the ride because of an improperly fitted lap bar and seat. While this is only the second death in the amusement park's history, it is making a big impact on park safety.

Blown tire and shifting semi-truck load cause fatal accident

Accidents are bound to happen as drivers take to the public roadways for a variety of reasons. For all drivers, especially drivers of commercial vehicles, making sure that everything on the vehicle is ready to go and in good operating condition prior to leaving on a drive is vital to help ensure the safety of everyone who will share the roadway with them. Anything that isn't in good operating condition on the vehicle can lead to a serious accident. A recent accident in Texas shows that even something as simple as a blown tire can have dire consequences.

Fatal accident claims life of 7-month-old baby

A parent's worst nightmare recently took place in South Arlington, Texas, as a father took his 7-month-old son out for a walk in his stroller down Cooper Street. A witness recalls noting the tender image of a Converse and fedora-clad Daddy and his baby waiting to cross the street.

Woman killed on skateboard, lawsuit filed for fatal accident

People who are driving on the roadways have to be aware of everything that is going on around them. Simply watching the other vehicles on the roadway isn't enough to ensure that no accidents happen. When you add in driver impairment, the safety level is further diminished. A recent lawsuit filed in Galveston County District Court shows how failing to drive safely can turn into a tragic situation.

Family wants answers in unusual death of Texas teen

When a loved one is killed in an accident, the family members left behind usually want answers about what happened to cause the accident and what happened after the accident. One Texas family wants to know what happened the night that a 17-year-old girl fell out of a moving SUV and was run over by that same SUV.

Family files lawsuit against company for fatal accident

Most people don't expect that going to work is going to end with them dying. Sadly, there are some instances in which an injury at the workplace can lead to someone's death. One family has filed a lawsuit in the Houston Division of the U.S. Court for the Southern District of Texas that alleges the gross negligence of Rangeline Tapping Services, Inc. led to a man's death.

Texas appeal decided in favor of firefighter's transgender widow

A landmark case for the state of Texas just went through the appeals process and was decided in favor of a transgender woman who lost her husband. He was a firefighter and a fatal accident near Houston, Texas, took his life while he was fighting a blaze a few years ago. When it originally happened, the courts ruled that the woman would not be entitled to his estate, which was then valued at around $600,000, because the Texas state laws did not recognize their marriage.