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Posts tagged "brain injury"

$32,154,506 verdict against Domino's Pizza in Texas lawsuit

Ordering a pizza for delivery is something that most people do without a second thought. In most cases, the pizzeria will give an estimated time for delivery. Once the pizza is made, it is up to the delivery driver to make sure that the pizza makes it to your door within the expected time frame. In some cases, trying to hurry up to meet that delivery window can make drivers do things they wouldn't normally do. For one Texas couple, a delivery driver rushing to make a delivery ended up causing a horrific accident.

Applebee's settles DWI lawsuit involving 6-year-old victim

Bartenders and bar owners have a duty to ensure that patrons are not over-served. Applebee's, the famous "neighborhood" restaurant, is settling a lawsuit with a Texas family after an accident caused severe brain damage to a boy who was in an accident with a drunk driver. Allegedly, the driver had been drinking at Applebee's before the crash.

Former Cowboys players sue NFL for brain injuries

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the immediate and permanent injury caused by high-impact sports. Countless professional football players and their families have come forward after discovering that compounding years of concussion and brain injury can result in permanent damage. Now a group of former Dallas Cowboys players, including Randy White, Bob Lilly, and Rayfield Wright, have joined other retired players and are suing the NFL for brain injuries sustained during their careers.