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Economic costs related to caring for victims of cerebral palsy

Few things are more heart-wrenching than visiting with children suffering from birth injuries. Many of them are sweet-natured and fun-loving. Most of these children are generally aware that they are different from other kids, but otherwise have the same childlike enthusiasm for life. However, the parents of those children are certainly aware of their kids' special needs.

Birth injuries are a threat despite manner of delivery

In a previous blog post, we discussed the inherent risk of birth injuries during normal childbirth. A host of problems can occur when medical professionals mishandle an infant using forceps as the child emerges from the birth canal. Some of these birth injuries are immediately apparent on the infant such as broken clavicles or excessive bruising. Other injuries like cerebral palsy or Erb's palsy may take longer for the symptoms to develop.

Are birth injuries more prevalent during vacuum-assisted births?

Parents expecting the birth of a child are often worried about the risks of potential harm to their baby during childbirth. In an earlier blog post, we looked at four types of birth injuries that are commonly associated with vaginal delivery.

Vaginal births: Profiles of 4 possible birth injuries

Birth injuries are events that no expectant parents think will happen to them. For some expectant parents, however, things go wrong in the delivery room, and the baby is hurt. These injuries can be serious and can sometimes lead to lifelong consequences for the baby. Our Texas readers might like to know more about the types of injuries that can occur during labor and birth.

Houston nonprofit helps victims of cerebral palsy

As discussed in a previous article on our law blog, cerebral palsy is a term used to refer to neurological disorders that occur in children as their brains are developing. Most of the time, cerebral palsy is caused by a brain injury the child suffers during fetal development. However, cerebral palsy can also occur as a result of a birth injury caused by doctor error or similar hospital negligence. A medical professional lacking proper training or experience can harm the child in a way that will bring about the onset of cerebral palsy.

Some facts and statistics regarding cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is the term used to refer to a number of neurological disorders that sometimes occur in the developing brains of children. These disorders are usually the result of brain injury suffered by the child during fetal development, just prior to, during and shortly after birth and during infancy or during early childhood development.

Possible birth injuries to baby who died 4 days after birth

A Houston-area couple is very unhappy with the way a local hospital has treated them after their infant daughter died just four days after a doctor delivered the child at the facility. The young mother says that she and her husband were excited to deliver their daughter, but complications arose during the procedure.

Ways to reduce birth injuries in Texas labor and delivery

C-section deliveries are the most commonly performed procedures in the United States. Although rare, sometimes the surgical procedure can injury newborns during the delivery process. However, a new device, called C SAFE, may reduce injuries during C-sections in Texas and around the country.

University students obtain patent on life-saving invention

Oxygen deprivation can cause serious complications and brain damage in newborns, and sometimes it is fatal. Known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, this oxygen deprivation can arise from pregnancy complications such as a twisted umbilical cord and from birth injury suffered during delivery. Approximately 50 percent of newborns developing this condition do not survive, and the remaining newborns frequently suffer from cerebral palsy and other forms of brain damage.The effects of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy can be reduced by cooling techniques that reduce the newborn's core body temperature. The cost of providing this cooling care has been too expensive or unavailable for medical practitioners in poor, developing or remote areas of the world. In these areas, medical professionals have resorted to the use of fans, cold water bottles and other rudimentary techniques to achieve the extended cooling necessary to save lives and reduce brain damage.

Jury awards $100 million in wrongful death suit

Any death that could have been prevented can leave family members devastated and in search of answers. It's important that Texans facing this kind of struggle know that legal remedies may be available through a wrongful death lawsuit.Readers in Houston will be relieved that three people accused of negligence in the 2007 death of a woman have been held accountable in civil court. The three were charged after the woman was found dead after giving birth to a stillborn baby. The woman's parents were apparently not allowed to see her, but when they did, they saw that she was on the brink of death.