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Truck Accidents Archives

School bus vs truck accident on Eastex Freeway injures students

For many school students, going on a field trip is something they enjoy. They get to miss school, learn something new and enjoy visiting a different location. The JROTC students from Cleveland High School took a trip to NASA on Monday. On their way back from that field trip, they were involved in an accident when the school bus they were riding in ran into the back of an 18-wheeler.

Truck accidents have many causes, including driver error

Last week, we discussed how underride guards can have a big impact on some truck accident cases. That isn't the only thing that can have an impact on trucking accident cases. Our Texas readers might be interested in learning about some of the factors that can lead to an accident.

Is an underride guard important in my Texas truck accident case?

Many motorists who have been involved in truck accidents are sometimes confused as to why their attorneys seem to fixate on certain facts. That's because in truck accident cases, it is your attorney's job to review every aspect of your case and discover evidence that may result in the most favorable outcome for you.

Holding companies accountable for Texas truck accidents

Texas residents have every right to expect that commercial trucking companies will comply with state and federal safety regulations. Although Texans rely heavily on truckers to haul and deliver much of our state's commerce, that need does not absolve them from actively skirting laws designed to promote public safety.

What should I know about truck accident injury cases?

Semi-trucks can easily turn into very dangerous vehicles if the driver of the truck isn't paying proper attention to the vehicle. These trucks are so large and so heavy that they can easily destroy a passenger vehicle and cause serious injuries to the people in that vehicle. When someone is injured in an accident with a truck accident, they have the right to seek compensation for their injuries. The process for seeking compensation can be complicated because of all the elements involved. Our Texas readers who have been injured in a truck accident might find these answers to common questions helpful along their journey to seek compensation.

Are driving limits used to stop driver-fatigue truck accidents?

Truckers spend a lot of time on the roadways. When you stop to think about it, driving a big rig is exhausting work. The drivers have to keep control of the vehicle. They have to ensure they are following the rules of the road. They have to pay attention to everything going on around them. Because trucker fatigue is such a big problem, federal regulations limit the amount of time truckers can work. Knowing these regulations might help Texas residents who were involved in a truck accident.

Semi-truck accident kills 1 on Highway 225

Many people around the country probably remember the horrific accident that left Tracy Morgan injured and another person dead. While that accident made the news because of who Morgan is, the sad reality is that accidents of that severity happen often. A recent accident on Highway 225 in Texas was one of those horrific accidents.

Know your rights after a semi-truck accident in Texas

In our blog post last week, we answered some basic questions about truck accidents. These accidents can prove to be devastating to the other people who are involved in the accident. Injuries in truck accidents tend to be more serious than injuries in other types of motor vehicle accidents. Under Texas law, anyone who is injured in an accident caused by a trucker has the right to seek compensation.

Under Texas law, who can I sue in a semi-truck accident?

If you are a Texas motorist who has been injured as a result of a collision with a semi-truck, there are two major differences between your potential lawsuit and that of one involving another car. Obviously, an accident between two automobiles is less likely to cause damage and injury as significant as an accident between a car and a tractor-trailer. The sheer size and weight of a fully loaded tractor-trailer is more likely to cause catastrophic injuries.

What are some basic facts about semi-truck accidents?

For some drivers, having to share the roadways with semi-trucks is a nerve wrecking experience. Being involved in an accident with one of these oversized monstrosities can cause serious injury or even death for the person in the passenger vehicle. Texas drivers might be interested to learn some basic facts about trucking accidents and how they might affect other drivers.