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Texas woman faces felony debit card abuse charge

If you drive about 400 miles north of Houston, you will come to the modest town of Burkburnett, Texas. While the name might not be familiar to most us, the moniker has significance for U.S. history buffs. They understand that President Theodore Roosevelt named the town after visiting the area for a wolf hunt hosted by a wealthy rancher named Samuel Burk Burnett.

Dumpster-diving Texas man arrested for ID theft

According to a recent news article, a Texas man recently pulled into an alley and began looking through the contents of a dumpster. The 44-year-old dumpster-diver was sorting through the stuff people had thrown away – that is itself not a crime, of course, but local law enforcement had been alerted by Postal Service employees who reported that the man’s behavior was suspicious.

Houston police: Medical assistant illegally gave injections

Health care is constantly evolving, pushed forward by rapid advances in technology. One recent permutation known as the med spa – a hybrid of non-surgical medical care and a relaxing spa. Med spas are typically devoted to helping customers look and feel better.

Harris County lawsuit challenges high bail in nonviolent arrests

Those who are familiar with Harris County's court system see it happen regularly: after a felony arrest, costly bail is imposed on a suspect with little or no financial resources. The suspect is then held in jail for weeks or months awaiting trial.

Houston area man charged in far-reaching alleged cybercrime

Law enforcement officials say an alleged theft stretches thousands of miles from the suburbs of Houston to Nigeria and on to Louisiana. According to a recent news report, a LaPorte man has been arrested for his involvement in a cybercrime theft of more than $60,000.

Texas drug bust photo goes viral

In today’s world, people and events are sometimes judged by their online presence. When someone or something goes viral, it means that someone or something is important – or at least important enough for people to spend a few seconds viewing on their phones before moving on to the next virtual sensation.

Criminal justice reform inches closer to congressional approval

Though the number of Americans in prison is on the decline, it is still remarkably large: 1.5 million. But a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill working its way through Congress would reduce that number on both the front end and back end, news sources report.