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By the numbers: Pedestrian accidents in Texas and beyond

The Governor's Highway Safety Association recently released a report that shows that a crucial element of traffic safety is quickly getting much worse. According to the organization, the number of pedestrian accidents resulting in deaths has grown sharply in recent years.

Wrong-way driver dies in north Houston crash with big rig

As they always do, the laws of physics prevailed in a recent collision in north Houston. The Harris County Sheriff's Office reported that a Ford Mustang collided head-on with an 18-wheeler on the North Freeway northbound near Spring-Stuebner Road shortly before three in the morning.

Little attention paid to recurring mayhem on Houston streets

The carnage on Houston streets is so common that it often gets little more than a nod from area news outlets. A recent example can be found in the recent deadly crash on the city's northeast side. A man was killed after a vehicle came to a stop on top of him, and other people in the multiple-vehicle collision were lying injured on the street.

Study identifies pediatric mortality rates by county across U.S.

Here in Houston, we have a selection of world-class hospitals and emergency medical facilities. When motor vehicle accidents involving serious injuries occur, skilled health care professionals with the best available equipment are just moments away.

Disturbing results from distracted driving poll

Who is more likely to drive while distracted: older residents of Houston or younger ones? The answer, according to a recent Harris poll, lies somewhere in between. As it turns out, members of Generation X are the most likely to use their phones while behind the wheel - even more than younger generations (Millennials and Generation Z).

Houston school alert: Distracted driving dangers on the rise

Summer is winding down and the new school year is descending upon Houston public school students and kids across the state whether they like it or not (let's hope they're looking forward to it). With millions of students restarting school, AAA Texas wants to remind everyone that distracted driving accidents are on the rise and causing injuries and deaths in far too many communities.

Study: half of parents talk on phone with their kids in the car

There is nothing and no one more important to a parent than their child - unless, perhaps, it's their phone. According to new research, about half of parents of children ages 4 to 10 talked on their phone while driving with their children in the vehicle. The study also found that about one in three parents reads text messages with kids in the car and approximately one in seven uses social media.

Texas continues campaign against distracted driving

If you drive north of Houston for about four hours, you will come to Richardson. The comfortable Dallas suburb is the hometown of Jensen Ackles, star of the CW's "Supernatural" series. The actor recently teamed up with the Texas Department of Transportation to shoot a public service announcement about the dangers of distracted driving.