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Study: drugged driving up, drunk driving down

Here in Houston, we have repeatedly seen local news reports about the violence and tragedy that are generated by drivers who are high on drugs. According to a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, drugs are being detected more and more in drivers who cause crashes that take lives.

Report: Uber’s self-driving SUV saw woman before it killed her

Regular readers of our Houston legal blog will recall the headlines made in March when an Uber vehicle struck and killed a woman walking with her bicycle in Tempe, Arizona. Federal investigators of the pedestrian accident have released a preliminary report that helps clarify facts of the deadly crash.

University of Texas study: wearable tech distracts drivers, too

Apple has one and so does its archrival, Samsung. So do Fitbit, Garmin, LG and many other companies large and small. Though each has worked hard to make wearable technology the next big thing, their watches have not had the kind of breakthrough success of smart phones.