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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Drunk driving accident claims sometime overlap criminal charges

We recently discussed the drunk driving accident that killed a mother and two of her children. The man who is said to have caused the accident wasn't facing criminal charges yet when we discussed the accident because the authorities were waiting on tests to come back to let them know his blood-alcohol concentration. That brings up a very important point about drunk driving accidents: these accidents can involve criminal cases and civil cases. Some of our Texas readers might not understand that while these proceedings are separate, they can affect each other.

Alleged drunk driving accident kills 2 children and their mother

A woman and her two children are dead following an accident on a Texas highway. The accident occurred on a four-lane stretch of Highway 67 when a pickup truck was being driven against traffic. Just before the fatal crash occurred, police say they were informed of a wrong-way driver by a telephone caller who said the truck was on Interstate 35 and Highway 67.

Drunk driving accident numbers might be falling thanks to Uber

Everyone who reads our blog knows that drunk driving accidents can lead to serious accidents. A recent report from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the car service Uber has noted that the use of the Uber app has led to a decrease in those accidents. Our Texas readers might find this report rather interesting.

What can be done to reduce Texas drunk driving accidents?

Texas motorists have a right to use state roadways without risking serious injury or death at the hands of drunk drivers. Unfortunately, Texas leads the nation with the amount of traffic fatalities caused by drivers impaired by alcohol. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, at least 1,337 Texans died in 2013 as a result of irresponsible people getting behind the wheel after they've been drinking.

Traffic accident statistics in Texas are staggering

We discussed how important it is for Texas drivers to drive safely this holiday season to help keep the roadways in our great state as safe as possible. Some of our readers might wonder exactly how common accidents are in the state. The most recent statistics are from 2013.

Dram shop laws may affect drunk driving accident claims in Texas

Drunk driving accidents can have devastating effects. When a drunk driver causes an accident, the victims of the accident are often left wondering how they can cope with the effects of the accident. In some cases, the effects of the drunk driving accident go far beyond just having to replace a vehicle. Victims of drunk driving accidents often have injuries that require medical care. They might have long-term medical care needs that have bills rolling in. They might have to miss work because of their injuries. Our readers in Texas might be interested in knowing that these victims can hold people liable for those damages through the state's civil court system.

Texas officers need warrant for blood samples in suspected DUIs

The driver's blood alcohol level is a critical piece of evidence for both criminal and civil cases involving drunk driving accidents. Drivers frequently underestimate how intoxicated they are before getting behind the wheel, and even after an accident does occur, the driver may still believe that he or she was not impaired. Determining the blood alcohol level through a Breathalyzer test or blood sample is an objective way to gauge whether the person was sober enough to be driving a car.

Texas law regarding drunk driving accident claims limits

In a previous article on our web site, we discussed just how deadly alcohol-related car accidents are throughout the state of Texas. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, as many as 1,089 individuals lost their lives in 2013 as a result of drinking and driving motor vehicle accidents. That number is rather staggering when you consider that during that same year, the number of all fatal motor vehicle accidents totaled 3,377 deaths.

Some statistics on Texas drunk driving accidents

Most Texas residents are aware that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have been drinking is a bad idea. Today it is nearly impossible to escape the daily show of television ads and roadside billboards extolling the dangers of drunk driving. However, few of us actually know the statistics of how deadly alcohol-related accidents can be.

Drunk driving accident kills pregnant woman and unborn son

We have reminded people time and time again on this blog that drunk driving is something that is never acceptable. Besides the message being on this blog, many people have likely seen the public service announcements around Texas that give the same message. When the messages against drunk driving don't work, people can suffer. One Texas family is now living without a loved one and her unborn child all because of a drunk driver. The family members she left behind have opted to seek compensation on her behalf. The case does have some interesting elements that might interest our readers.