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January 2015 Archives

Crush injuries in car wrecks can be minor, severe or fatal

Getting into a car accident can lead to several possible outcomes. One of those is that you won't be hurt at all. Another is that you will suffer from injuries. The final one is that you will be killed in the accident. Crush injuries are one type of injury that might interest our Texas readers because the effects of this type of accident can range from mild bruising up to death.

Catastrophic injuries after car wrecks require significant care

Readers of our blog already know that we don't think anyone should have to deal with paying medical bills and other damages when he or she is injured in an accident caused by someone else. While some of the injuries that might be suffered in an automobile accident might be minor, others can have a lasting impact on the victim's life. The same is true with injuries caused by defective products, including faulty medical devices, and medical malpractice or negligence.

The importance of justice in your Texas wrongful death lawsuit

The death of any loved one is a sadly unfortunate event for any family. Even more tragic is when a family member is prematurely killed as a result of a preventable accident. In addition to their grief, the untimely loss of a family member often plunges the victim's survivors into financial hardship. Many families have difficulty even paying for funeral and burial costs, not to mention the added difficulty of having to deal with ordinary household expenses with one less source of income.

Can car wrecks cause dental emergencies?

Being involved in a car accident often means being jostled around in the car. In some cases, it can mean hitting your face on the dashboard or other items in the vehicle. This impact could lead to a dental emergency if a tooth is knocked out or damaged in the accident. Our readers in Texas might like to know some basic information about dental emergencies so they can be prepared if they are in an accident.

Can premature births in Texas be prevented?

As we discussed last week, premature birth is one of the leading causes of neonatal death. That post might have some of our Texas readers wanting to know more about premature births. Getting some answers to common questions might help some of our readers to better understand premature births.

Holding companies accountable for Texas truck accidents

Texas residents have every right to expect that commercial trucking companies will comply with state and federal safety regulations. Although Texans rely heavily on truckers to haul and deliver much of our state's commerce, that need does not absolve them from actively skirting laws designed to promote public safety.

Can medical malpractice lead to neonatal death?

When a mother has a baby, one of the last things she thinks will happen is that the baby will pass away. Sadly, there is a chance that the baby might pass away. If that happens in the baby's first 28 days of life, it is considered a neonatal death. There are several reasons why a neonatal death might occur. Some of these reasons might interest our Texas readers.