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December 2014 Archives

The decision to retain an attorney for a wrongful death claim

In Texas, there are only a few individuals who are authorized to seek compensation in wrongful death lawsuits. Generally, a wrongful death occurs whenever an individual is killed by the negligent or wrongful actions of another. In most cases involving a wrongful death lawsuit, the ability to file a claim or cause of action is limited to the surviving spouse, children and parents of the deceased.

Traffic accident statistics in Texas are staggering

We discussed how important it is for Texas drivers to drive safely this holiday season to help keep the roadways in our great state as safe as possible. Some of our readers might wonder exactly how common accidents are in the state. The most recent statistics are from 2013.

Stay safe on Texas roads during the busy holiday season

With Christmas right around the corner and New Year's Eve following right behind it, this is the perfect time to remind our readers that following state laws pertaining to driving can help to keep everyone on the roadways safe. Texas has a variety of laws that drivers might need a refresher course on.

How are car accident investigations important in Texas lawsuits?

Texas motorists have a right to use roadways throughout the state without being injured by careless or impaired drivers. Under Texas laws, motorists have a duty to exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicles so that they do not cause injury or death to others. Actions such as texting and driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are clear examples of actions most people would consider unnecessarily dangerous.

Dram shop laws may affect drunk driving accident claims in Texas

Drunk driving accidents can have devastating effects. When a drunk driver causes an accident, the victims of the accident are often left wondering how they can cope with the effects of the accident. In some cases, the effects of the drunk driving accident go far beyond just having to replace a vehicle. Victims of drunk driving accidents often have injuries that require medical care. They might have long-term medical care needs that have bills rolling in. They might have to miss work because of their injuries. Our readers in Texas might be interested in knowing that these victims can hold people liable for those damages through the state's civil court system.

Texas officers need warrant for blood samples in suspected DUIs

The driver's blood alcohol level is a critical piece of evidence for both criminal and civil cases involving drunk driving accidents. Drivers frequently underestimate how intoxicated they are before getting behind the wheel, and even after an accident does occur, the driver may still believe that he or she was not impaired. Determining the blood alcohol level through a Breathalyzer test or blood sample is an objective way to gauge whether the person was sober enough to be driving a car.