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August 2014 Archives

Complex drunk driving injury cases require ample experience

Getting injured in a drunk driving accident seems more traumatic than other types of car accident injuries. That is probably due at least in part to knowing that the at-fault driver might have been able to prevent the accident if they weren't drunk. For the people who are injured in drunk driving crashes, seeking compensation for expenses related to those injuries is one way that they can hold the drunk driver accountable.

2012 national statistics on semi-truck accidents

Commercial semi-trucks, which are also known as tractor-trailers, are a key part of interstate commerce throughout the nation. We rely on them to bring goods to market as well as to haul our goods out of Texas and throughout the nation. Although semi-trucks are an integral part of the American economy, it is their constant presence on our roadways that also makes them a danger to other motorists.

Fiery fatal accident allegedly caused by drunk driver

People who are intoxicated or impaired can't react to the normal situations that occur on the roadways. This is one of the reasons why drunk driving is against the law. When people don't follow this law, horrible accidents can happen. One accident on Texas 71 just west of Bastrop that was allegedly caused by a drunk driver claimed the life of a man.

Man from Florida killed by car in Texas after baseball game

A young man from Florida moved to Texas because he wanted to become a musician. He felt that Texas would offer him the opportunity to chase that dream. However, when the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team came to Texas to play the Rangers, he just had to go see his old hometown team. The game was on Tuesday, Aug. 12.

Some facts and statistics regarding cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is the term used to refer to a number of neurological disorders that sometimes occur in the developing brains of children. These disorders are usually the result of brain injury suffered by the child during fetal development, just prior to, during and shortly after birth and during infancy or during early childhood development.

Construction worker killed in fatal accident, driver charged

The choices a driver makes on the road can have a profound impact on those who are on the roadways with the driver. This is especially true when the driver is driving in an unsafe manner through a construction zone that is full of workers. A recent accident along State Highway 161 in Texas is an example of how unsafe driving can rip someone away from his or her loved ones in an instant.

Football player in Texas trapped in burning car

Breaking reports indicate that a young man who used to play for the Texas A&M Aggies suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The man was apparently trapped in the car after the crash, and the car then caught on fire. This caused him to get at least second degree burns on both his right leg and his right arm. In addition, he also broke his left leg.