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June 2014 Archives

Car crash that killed 4 may give rise to wrongful death suit

Houston police say a 31-year-old man was driving drunk when his SUV collided with a car and killed four people. The June 22 accident happened around 10:00 p.m. at the intersection of Synott and Beechnut. According to police, a Honda Civic was carrying a group of four people between 60 and 80 years old from a graduation party as it traveled down Synott. That's when police say the driver of a Champion Towncar SUV ignored the red light at Beechnut and collided into the side of the Civic.

Blown tire and shifting semi-truck load cause fatal accident

Accidents are bound to happen as drivers take to the public roadways for a variety of reasons. For all drivers, especially drivers of commercial vehicles, making sure that everything on the vehicle is ready to go and in good operating condition prior to leaving on a drive is vital to help ensure the safety of everyone who will share the roadway with them. Anything that isn't in good operating condition on the vehicle can lead to a serious accident. A recent accident in Texas shows that even something as simple as a blown tire can have dire consequences.

Drunk driving accident kills 1 and injures another

Drinking and driving is something that no person should ever do simply because there is a possibility of causing an accident. The problem with drunk driving is that lapses in judgment can lead to serious problems. A recent Texas accident is a stark reminder about why people shouldn't ever drink and drive.

Houston accident claims the life of 1 biker, 3 others injured

Driving a motorcycle is a dangerous task under the best of conditions. When a person is driving a motorcycle on a busy interstate that has construction projects being completed, the danger is increased. In those cases, the motorcycle riders are placing more trust in other drivers and the construction crews to make sure they are safe. A recent accident in Houston shows that placing that trust in others is sometimes a bad idea.

Fatal 3-car wreck sends suspected drunk driver to Texas court

A crash on the south side of Houston led to the death of one of the people involved, and the woman who was allegedly responsible for the crash reportedly admitted to police officers that she had been drinking. The woman, who is 35 years old, went before the court right around 11 in the evening. There, she was informed that the charges against her would include intoxicated manslaughter using a motor vehicle.

Fatal accident claims life of 7-month-old baby

A parent's worst nightmare recently took place in South Arlington, Texas, as a father took his 7-month-old son out for a walk in his stroller down Cooper Street. A witness recalls noting the tender image of a Converse and fedora-clad Daddy and his baby waiting to cross the street.