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April 2013 Archives

Alcohol suspected in fatal wrong-way crash

A fiery accident killed two people early on the morning of April 14, 2013. The possible drunk driving accident occurred in Houston. The victims of the accident were not immediately identified but were both in the same car that was struck by a vehicle traveling the wrong direction. Witnesses noted the car traveling the wrong direction but were unable to stop the driver.The driver traveling the wrong direction was identified as a woman in her early 20s driving a sedan. She was not seriously injured in the crash. A passenger in a third vehicle which was forced into the retaining wall was also not reported as receiving any injuries. The accident occurred on Beltway 8 North at approximately 5 a.m.

Michael Jackson's mom files $40 billion wrongful-death claim

As the eyes of the nation, including Texas, watch the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit unfold, the public will sneak a peek into the pop star's very private life, including allegations of sexual assault and testimony from at least one of his children, who has mostly avoided the public eye until now. His 82-year-old mother is asking for $40 billion in the wrongful death lawsuit against the concert promoter that worked with her son before his death. She thinks he could have earned that much money if he had not tragically died at age 50. Another attorney expressed surprise at the extremely high amount she was requesting, especially when considering Jackson's debt load at the time of his death. The judge has already rejected several aspects of the lawsuit, leaving the jury with only one charge to focus on, that of negligent hiring. Court documents claim that the company hired Jackson's physician so that he would not miss any of the tour. The doctor in the case has already been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the singer medications that eventually led to his death.

University students obtain patent on life-saving invention

Oxygen deprivation can cause serious complications and brain damage in newborns, and sometimes it is fatal. Known as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, this oxygen deprivation can arise from pregnancy complications such as a twisted umbilical cord and from birth injury suffered during delivery. Approximately 50 percent of newborns developing this condition do not survive, and the remaining newborns frequently suffer from cerebral palsy and other forms of brain damage.The effects of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy can be reduced by cooling techniques that reduce the newborn's core body temperature. The cost of providing this cooling care has been too expensive or unavailable for medical practitioners in poor, developing or remote areas of the world. In these areas, medical professionals have resorted to the use of fans, cold water bottles and other rudimentary techniques to achieve the extended cooling necessary to save lives and reduce brain damage.

Car crash results in deaths and shuts down Highway 105

Highway 105 was shut down for several hours on March 23 after two vehicles crashed into each other. The fatal car accident resulted in four deaths and one injury.At approximately 5:30 a.m., a white Dodge pickup driving eastbound veered into the westbound lane. A silver Volkswagon Jetta heading west then broadsided the truck. The occupants of the Jetta, a female driver, a male passenger and two young passengers, were killed in the accident. The male driver of the truck was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.