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What makes underride crashes deadly?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Collisions are generally dangerous, but accidents involving big trucks and cars can be devastating, especially for the smaller vehicle’s occupants. Depending on the difference in size and weight, the car can be at a disadvantage, making severe injuries and fatalities likely, such as in underride crashes.

This type of crash occurs when the force of impact causes the car to slide underneath the truck’s body, possibly wedging it into the space between the truck’s wheels.

What makes them lethal?

Underride crashes are often lethal because of their point of impact. The way the smaller vehicle goes under the truck could instantly take out the car’s hood or windshield area, causing airbags and other safety features to fail.

Additionally, the impact often targets the car’s upper half, making its occupants prone to head or neck trauma, which can be fatal. Meanwhile, the compartments where truck drivers sit are usually high, keeping them from direct force during an underride crash. In these incidents, people in smaller vehicles tend to suffer more regardless of who is at fault.

Taking legal action after a truck accident

If you survived an underride crash or any other type of truck accident, you may have severe injuries, leaving life-altering impairments or permanent disabilities. Making a full recovery from the accident could be a significant challenge, mainly if you have limited financial resources. Treatments and rehabilitation necessary to heal from these severe injuries are typically expensive, leading to overwhelming costs. 

You may have no choice but to pursue compensation to cover your medical and basic needs. Fortunately, you can seek experienced counsel to learn if you can file a claim against the at-fault party and take legal action appropriately.