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Viable defense strategies for assault charges in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When someone accuses you of causing bodily injury to another person or putting them in a state of intense fear, they could report you to the police. The state could also bring charges against you – even without a request by the other party involved in the altercation. Phone calls by concerned bystanders or reports by medical professionals can lead to police involvement.

Those accused of assault in Texas could wind up in state custody and subject to significant fines if they plead guilty or get convicted. The criminal record associated with assault can also be a major hardship, as violent offenses tend to carry more stigma than other kinds of criminal charges.

The good news is that people can and do successfully defend against assault charges in Texas. One of the strategies below may work in your case.

Show the court that you were not involved

Maybe you have phone use data that shows that you were across town at the time of the alleged assault. Perhaps you can prove that someone else was actually the person who committed the assault.

Whether by presenting an alternative explanation for who committed the assault or providing a convincing alibi to the court, you can potentially create enough of a reasonable doubt that they cannot convict you of assault.

Make a claim of self-defense

Texas law allows you to defend yourself against violent criminal charges if you acted in self-defense. The state defines self-defense as actions to protect yourself from bodily harm, to protect another person or to defend your private property.

If you intervened to stop one person from harming another or to prevent someone from burglarizing your home, a claim of self-defense could be the right strategy to employ if you find yourself facing assault charges.

Other approaches

There are numerous other defense strategies that could work as well, depending on the circumstances that led to your arrest. Too many people give up and plead guilty because they fear the consequences of going to court, when the ramifications of pleading guilty can be as bad – if not worse.

Working with your criminal defense attorney to develop a solid defense strategy is extremely valuable whenever you stand accused of any crime. This can help to keep your criminal record clean as well as protect your future and your freedom.