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Tips to avoid aggressive drivers – and aggressive driving

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

Accidents caused by aggressive drivers are on the rise. Some experts hold that as congestion increases, so too does irritability behind the wheel. The majority of drivers believe that aggressive driving is serious, dangerous and puts others at risk.

In this post, we discuss strategies to respond to aggressive drivers – and to avoid becoming an aggressive driver yourself.

If another driver is acting enraged or otherwise careless on the road:

  • Keep your cool. Getting upset could only make the situation worse. Avoid doing anything that could increase danger on the road.
  • Avoid confrontation. Don’t engage with the other driver. Don’t make eye contact, and don’t yell or make angry gestures back.
  • Stay back. If you spot an aggressive driver on the road, try to create as much space between you and them as possible. Make room for them to pass you, if necessary. Do whatever you can to stay out of harm’s way.
  • Report the driver. You can call #77 from your cell phone to report aggressive driving behavior, or you can call 911 to contact the police directly.

You can probably recall with precision the last time you witnessed an out-of-control driver on the road. But many of us don’t realize that we can actually be guilty of road rage ourselves. If any of the below behaviors sound familiar, it’s time to start putting yourself in check:

  • Do you ever weave between lanes when you’re in a hurry?
  • Do you follow unsafely close behind another vehicle if you feel they’re driving too slowly?
  • Do you find yourself getting angry or yelling behind the wheel?
  • Do you refuse to let other drivers merge ahead of you?
  • If someone else wrongs you on the road, do you have the urge to “teach them a lesson”?

It’s easy to let a perceived slight or trivial mistake on the road dominate our emotional response. But in the grand scheme of things, getting upset on the road is careless. Offensive behavior is only temporary, but injuries suffered in a car accident can last forever. When all is said and done, your main priority is to reach your destination safely.