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What does an attorney do for a personal injury claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Firm News

After a serious personal injury like a car accident, it can feel like things are just moving on their own. You reported the accident to the police and your insurance, and they seem to be taking care of things without you. While this may seem helpful, is it actually in your best interest to allow this to happen?

When a victim is not involved in the claims process, an insurance company may try to leave a victim with a lowball settlement offer. The settlement is meant to help the victim recover, and it can be devastating when the value of a settlement is only a fraction of the total damage. Thankfully, the help of a personal injury attorney can help victims maximize their compensation, but how can they do that?

What a lawyer can do for you

Personal injury attorneys bridge the gap of information that the victim does not know about in their personal injury claim. Lawyers provide their clients with advice and guidance about what to expect from their claim, and how to get the best possible outcome. They also inform clients about their legal rights in their case and how to protect them.

While knowledge is useful, it is not the only service an attorney offers. The representation a lawyer gives their clients is irreplaceable. Your lawyer can help you by negotiating with insurance companies and the at-fault party for compensation that accurately reflects your injuries’ current and future costs. They can also represent you in the courtroom and speak on your behalf to avoid any serious mistakes.

In addition to these services, lawyers also offer their clients peace of mind. A victim of a car accident can focus on recovering from injuries while knowing their attorney will provide them with the best possible outcome in their personal injury claim.

Do not do it alone

Insurance companies try to convince victims that lawyers are unnecessary, as they will only make things more complicated. Do not let them trick you into pursuing your best interests without the defense of an experienced personal injury attorney.