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Texas man accused of 'fraudulent business dealings'

About 200 miles due north of Houston is where you will find Smith County. The county seat is in Tyler, home to Earl Campbell, one of the greatest football players to ever put on the University of Texas and Houston Oilers uniforms.

A man arrested in Smith County recently has been accused of being a different kind of player, however. The 49-year-old has been accused of “fraudulent business dealings” across the state. He has been charged with theft, a local news report stated.

The Fruitvale man was taken into custody at the end of an investigation into a Smith County resident’s complaint that he had hired the suspect to complete a construction job. According to law enforcement, the defendant never began the project, however.

The resident hired the suspect to erect a metal building on his property, paying him $10,000 upfront. The alleged fraudster did not return, the resident told police.

Law enforcement officials investigated the allegation and said they determined that the man has similar complaints against him across the state. There was no mention in the news article about whether the man is suspected of fraud or theft here in Houston.

We do not know if the allegations in this matter are accurate or not, but we do know that in some similar cases these types of accusations are often the result of misunderstandings or missed deadlines rather than fraud or theft.

An attorney experienced in criminal defense will dig into the details of the evidence so that the defendant’s version of events is clearly understood by prosecutors and the court. In many situations, charges can be dropped or reduced and the harshest sanctions of the law avoided.

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