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Texas woman faces felony debit card abuse charge

If you drive about 400 miles north of Houston, you will come to the modest town of Burkburnett, Texas. While the name might not be familiar to most us, the moniker has significance for U.S. history buffs. They understand that President Theodore Roosevelt named the town after visiting the area for a wolf hunt hosted by a wealthy rancher named Samuel Burk Burnett.

The Wichita County municipality is home today to a woman who faces a pair of serious white collar charges: credit card or debit card abuse against the elderly (a third degree felony) and forgery.

The 34-year-old was arrested last month and charged with forgery after law enforcement officials there said she and a man with the same last name cashed checks that had been forged. Police said she violated the law again after she posted bond in that case and was released from the county jail.

A few days ago, one of the woman’s neighbors reported that $200 had been taken out of her bank account for a purchase at an ice cream parlor known as Pinky’s Polar Palace. A law enforcement spokesperson said the woman has used the parlor to carry out previous thefts.

In the most recent alleged incident, officials said a debit card was stolen from the wallet of the woman who reported the $200 loss. The suspect was later seen on surveillance video using the debit card at a local ATM machine.

According to the Texas penal code, a conviction on a third degree felony can mean no less than two years behind bars and not more than 10.

Clearly, the stakes are high in this situation and in similar matters. Before anyone facing this type of accusation speaks to investigators, they should talk to an attorney devoted to protecting their rights and freedom.

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