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New efforts to combat unsafe driving in Houston

An investigation last year revealed Houston has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. According to the Houston Chronicle, more than 600 people die on Houston-area roads every year, due to drivers who speed, are intoxicated, are distracted or because of poorly laid out roads.

Now law enforcement and healthcare officials are stepping up to do something about it. Local law enforcement officials have created a task force to address these issues. The task force’s goals are to reduce traffic violations and unsafe driving to prevent traffic accidents and fatalities.

First task force initiative is a success

At the end of January, more than 30 law enforcement officials from around Houston gathered together to blanket 10 miles of Texas 249. Over the last five years, a 26 mile stretch of the highway has seen 42 fatal crashes.

During the two days the force patrolled the highway, they stopped 406 people, gave out 263 written warnings, handed out 297 tickets and arrested 38 people. Twenty-three of the arrests were for drunk driving.

Law enforcement will continue efforts to reduce unsafe driving

For law enforcement officials, the first outing of the task force was a success. They kept drunk drivers off the road and spoke to people about dangerous driving behavior. Authorities plan to continue monthly task force initiatives around the Houston area.

Hospital encourages drivers to put their phones down

But law enforcement officers are not the only ones trying to prevent unsafe driving behavior. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center is also promoting an initiative to improve driver safety. The hospital is focusing on getting drivers to put down their phones and keep their eyes on the road.

Memorial Hermann has created a program that teaches teens safe driving behavior. The hospital also is also promoting the use of app SAFE 2 SAVE. It is a free app that rewards drivers with points for every minute they do not touch their phones while driving. The points can be redeemed at Houston area businesses. The hospital hopes to reduce traffic injuries and make the roads safer for everyone in the Houston community.

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