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Houston police: Medical assistant illegally gave injections

Health care is constantly evolving, pushed forward by rapid advances in technology. One recent permutation known as the med spa – a hybrid of non-surgical medical care and a relaxing spa. Med spas are typically devoted to helping customers look and feel better.

A 26-year-old med spa employee was recently arrested by Houston police on a felony charge of practicing medicine without a license. Law enforcement officials allege that he has been illegally injecting Botox and wrinkle fillers into customers.

A local TV station reported that the suspect works at southwest Houston’s RD Aesthetica MedSpa. The company says on its website that it “guarantees that a dedicated medical professional with exceptional expertise treats every patient with the most cutting edge technologies and therapies available.”

Houston police say the company has not lived up to its guarantee and that the suspect, identified on the company website as a medical assistant, has been performing non-surgical procedures – including administering injections – without a medical license or physician supervision.

According to the news report, an undercover Houston police officer recently went to the med spa for a consultation, but did not see a doctor at the facility or have any contact by telemedicine. Med spas are required by law to have professional medical supervision.

According to the news report, the suspect is registered with the state as the owner of the med spa.

Any time an arrest is covered on TV or in newspapers, there’s always the risk that viewers and readers will jump to the conclusion that the accused is guilty merely because they have been arrested. We have a criminal justice system dedicated to finding the truth rather than one relying on sensationalism to determine guilt or innocence.

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