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Man accused of felony stalking of Houston philanthropist

On her website, Carolyn Farb refers to herself as "The First Lady of Philanthropy in Texas." She lists her various philanthropic endeavors, including efforts on behalf of UNICEF, as well as science and arts organizations in Houston and elsewhere.

A recent news article referred to Farb as a "well-known Houston philanthropist" when it reported that a 61-year-old man was recently arrested for felony stalking and sending her threatening letters.

According to the news report, the defendant is suspected of sending the philanthropist threatening letters for three decades.

Farb says the letters "took it to a low level," mentioning her son's 2004 death and including statements such as "I'm glad he's dead." She said the missives also included "obscenities and all types of terrible things."

Farb told a Houston TV station reporter that she has received the letters for years, including some with return addresses such as the Houston Country Club and the Museum of Fine Arts.

She said the letters were not only threatening, but insulting. She said the letter-writer would often begin with "a string of profanity."

When the TV station contacted the suspect and asked about the allegations, he said, "I'm sorry."

This is an example of why those who have been charged with crimes should speak with a criminal defense attorney before ever talking with the media or prosecutors. Statements can be taken out of context or construed as damaging admissions of wrongdoing. It makes more sense to discuss the evidence and allegations with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can then handle media inquiries and all legal matters.

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