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Houston area man charged in far-reaching alleged cybercrime

Law enforcement officials say an alleged theft stretches thousands of miles from the suburbs of Houston to Nigeria and on to Louisiana. According to a recent news report, a LaPorte man has been arrested for his involvement in a cybercrime theft of more than $60,000.

Law enforcement officials in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, kicked off the investigation back in August when they were informed that a local resident had been victimized in an internet and phone scam. Police said the person who initially contacted the victim online in fall of 2017 identified himself as a former FBI agent living in Nigeria.

The victim was told that they were to be given $1 million but would first need to pay taxes and fees. Over the next few months, the news report says, the victim was told to transfer money in amounts ranging from $600 to $4,000 to various spots around the U.S.

Officials said they were able to identify one of the wire transfer recipients as a 64-year-old man living in LaPorte, Texas. When an arrest warrant was obtained, it was learned that the suspect had fled the state.

When he was pulled over in Gulfport, Mississippi, for a traffic violation in mid-December, officers ran a background check and learned he was wanted in Louisiana for his involvement in the alleged scam. He was extradited to Rapides Parish, where he was charged and jailed.

According to the news report, he remains behind bars in lieu of a $20,000 bond.

Those facing cybercrime charges involving theft, credit card fraud, ID theft and related allegations should speak with a criminal defense attorney experienced in this complex area of law.

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