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January 2019 Archives

Harris County lawsuit challenges high bail in nonviolent arrests

Those who are familiar with Harris County's court system see it happen regularly: after a felony arrest, costly bail is imposed on a suspect with little or no financial resources. The suspect is then held in jail for weeks or months awaiting trial.

You could be accused of money laundering

Financial scams sometimes seem obvious, making it easy to wash your hands of them. Other times, they are less recognizable, with well-developed schemes using technology to appear legitimate. Unfortunately, accusations of participating in money laundering may come your way, regardless of your knowledge or intent.

Houston area man charged in far-reaching alleged cybercrime

Law enforcement officials say an alleged theft stretches thousands of miles from the suburbs of Houston to Nigeria and on to Louisiana. According to a recent news report, a LaPorte man has been arrested for his involvement in a cybercrime theft of more than $60,000.