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Texas drug bust photo goes viral

In today’s world, people and events are sometimes judged by their online presence. When someone or something goes viral, it means that someone or something is important – or at least important enough for people to spend a few seconds viewing on their phones before moving on to the next virtual sensation.

A Texas police department a few hours north of Houston recently learned that going viral is not necessarily a good thing. Tenaha police recently announced on Facebook a trio of felony drug-related arrests. Officials posted a photo of officers standing around a table that contained the items seized in the arrests; items that were quickly mocked by social media users for their meagerness.

The officers seized about two pounds of marijuana, the Houston Chronicle recently reported, along with pills and a pair of handguns. It seems that some on social media were amused by the display of $1 bills in the photo, however. (Officers confiscated $80 in cash during the arrests.)

"Is that drug money or gas money?" one Facebook user wrote.

Others mocked the officers for displaying perfectly legal items in the photo such as empty plastic bags.

Others poked fun at the marijuana in the picture, comparing it to Christmas tree trimmings, bedding for hamsters and hay.

"Who was the drug dealer ... El Cheapo?" asked one online wit.

While people are certainly entitled to have their fun, the reality for those three arrested is that they face the possibility of conviction and punishment under harsh Texas drug laws. That can mean loss of freedom, heavy fines and extended probation.

Those facing similar consequences should speak as soon as possible with an attorney skilled in drug crimes defense.

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