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December 2018 Archives

Texas drug bust photo goes viral

In today’s world, people and events are sometimes judged by their online presence. When someone or something goes viral, it means that someone or something is important – or at least important enough for people to spend a few seconds viewing on their phones before moving on to the next virtual sensation.

Criminal justice reform inches closer to congressional approval

Though the number of Americans in prison is on the decline, it is still remarkably large: 1.5 million. But a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill working its way through Congress would reduce that number on both the front end and back end, news sources report.

Houston Chronicle: CEO arrested on wire and securities fraud charges

Texas-based AriseBank billed itself as "the world's first decentralized bank." But the Houston Chronicle reports that federal law enforcement officials recently arrested the CEO of the Dallas firm, alleging that he was part of a cryptocurrency scheme that defrauded investors of more than $4 million.

Miranda rights and the right to remain silent

Most adults in Texas have heard the phrase, "you have the right to remain silent." Crime novels, television depictions and movies that involve police often use the phrase to wind up the story as some sort of conclusion of guilt. The phrase is part of the well-known warning of the right to remain silent that the courts impose on police and investigators prior to a "custodial interrogation."

Feds make Houston wire fraud arrest

Although the stock market is much more well known, forex (short for "foreign exchange") is a global market where the world's currencies are traded. Media reports say its average daily trading volume exceeds $5 trillion (more than 10 times as much as the average daily volume on the New York Stock Exchange).