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Wrong-way driver dies in north Houston crash with big rig

As they always do, the laws of physics prevailed in a recent collision in north Houston. The Harris County Sheriff's Office reported that a Ford Mustang collided head-on with an 18-wheeler on the North Freeway northbound near Spring-Stuebner Road shortly before three in the morning.

The man driving the Mustang entered the freeway headed in the wrong direction, the sheriff's office said. The violent tractor-trailer accident resulted in the death of the Mustang's driver, but the two people inside the big rig escaped without injury.

Law enforcement officials said the sheriff's office received calls from drivers reporting the wrong-way Mustang. "Within a minute, we received a major accident call," a spokesperson for the office said.

Accident investigators said the large commercial truck's driver tried to avoid a collision with the much smaller vehicle, but could not do so. The 18-wheeler struck the car on its driver's side, ripping that entire portion of the Mustang off.

"We're still trying to determine when and where [the deceased driver] entered the freeway," the sheriff's department spokesperson told a Houston TV station.

The sports car's driver was the only person in the vehicle. He died on impact, law enforcement officials said. Neither of the two people inside the cab of the big rig were injured.

The car, weighing less than 4,000 pounds, was demolished. The tractor-trailer, weighing at least eight times as much, was also heavily damaged.

It is still unknown why the Mustang driver entered the freeway in the wrong direction, but we know that in many similar incidents intoxication or distraction play significant roles.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by an impaired or otherwise reckless driver, speak to a personal injury lawyer about pursuit of maximum compensation for all damages.

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