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Some symptoms of injury can be delayed after an accident

Most people understand that car accidents can result in significant injuries. Accidents are frequently included in lists of the leading causes of death for Americans, whether the lists are compiled by medical professionals, government sources or other organizations. Many people who have suffered injuries in car accidents, however, do not always realize the severity of their injuries in the immediate aftermath of the wreck. Symptoms of injuries, including serious injuries, can be delayed for days – or longer – after an accident.

It is important for accident victims to seek medical attention after an accident. Unfortunately, many accident victims muddle through daily chores without any medical attention. Some people may suffer minor symptoms – those aches or stiffness – that people expect to experience after a wreck. Others may not feel significant aches or pains and decline to seek a medical evaluation, allowing potential internal injuries to get worse.

Getting Medical Attention Is Important After An Accident

It is important to note that delaying a medical exam may impact more than your health – if you suffered injuries in the accident, delays can adversely impact your ability to link the accident and injuries in seeking compensation for the harm you have experienced. So, what are some common injuries that may have delayed symptoms? The following list may surprise you:

  • Back Injuries -- The back, spine and neck involve an array of ligaments, muscles, vertebrae and nerves – all of which may suffer harm in an accident. In some situations, symptoms of injuries to these physical elements and structures may not be immediately apparent. Failure to attend to these injuries can result in deterioration and additional harm in the long term
  • Head Injuries -- Many people experience some level of confusion after a wreck. Confusion alone, may or may not be a symptom of a head injury. After head trauma, however, it may take several days for symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, disorientation and similar signs of concussion or more severe brain injuries to develop.
  • Internal Injuries -- Organs may be damaged from forces created during impact in a wreck. Internal bleeding or other medical problems may lurk unseen after an accident. Swelling, abdominal bruising and pain may take a significant amount of time to develop, as the damage continues to adversely affect the health of some accident victims.

In addition to physical injuries, accident victims may develop psychological problems, including PTSD after a crash. With the potential adverse effect that any health problem can have, it is prudent for accident victims to seek medical attention after an accident. If serious injuries are present, a legal evaluation  may be beneficial in safeguarding rights if another driver, individual or entity was negligent in causing (or significantly contributing to the cause of) the accident.

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