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Little attention paid to recurring mayhem on Houston streets

The carnage on Houston streets is so common that it often gets little more than a nod from area news outlets. A recent example can be found in the recent deadly crash on the city's northeast side. A man was killed after a vehicle came to a stop on top of him, and other people in the multiple-vehicle collision were lying injured on the street.

Houston police have charged the man they believe is responsible for the violent motor vehicle wrecks with intoxication manslaughter. But officials said they don't know if he was drunk or high on PCP, KTRK said in its brief report. Unfortunately, the station didn't follow up and find out how the crashes happened or check on the status of those injured.

Police said they believe the responsible driver might have been speeding in his white pick-up before crashing at the intersection of Liberty and Bringhurst Street, but they weren't sure at the time of the KTRK report. He might have been drinking alcohol or taking PCP - or both - before he hit other vehicles, but they weren't sure of that either.

To those who were injured and to the family of the person killed in the crash, it probably doesn't matter at this point how the suspect became impaired or whether he was speeding.

Injury victims tend to focus on physical and emotional recuperation after trauma is thrust into their lives by a reckless, irresponsible driver. At some point, however, their focus shifts to include other important matters such as questions about hospital and doctors' bills, missed work, future treatments and similar concerns.

That's the point at which it is crucial to speak with an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation; someone who can help you pursue maximum compensation for all damages and ensure that you and your family are heard and protected.

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