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Houston man arrested, charged with white-collar card-skimming

Law enforcement officials say that a credit card skimmer can be virtually undetectable. The skimmers are designed to look like an ordinary part of an ATM machine or gas station pump, but when you stick your credit card into the device, it records the card's data to be downloaded later for illegal purchases or cash withdrawals.

According to a recent news report, a Houston man suspected of using the card skimmers has been arrested and taken to Harris County Jail on white collar criminal charges that include the felony of engaging in organized crime.

Police say they believe the 23-year-old man is part of an organization that installs the electronic devices to record data from credit and debit cards to be used for illicit purchases and bank account withdrawals. He was arrested at a Houston ATM, allegedly trying to withdraw cash using a cloned debit card.

Officials said the suspect had with him more than 140 cloned cards when he was arrested.

The investigation apparently began in Woodway, a community about 200 miles northwest of Houston, where police said they received reports that two suspects had used stolen credit and debit card information to withdraw more than $20,000 from more than 20 victims. Detectives said they believe the pair is part of a Houston card-skimming operation.

Other charges might be filed in coming days against alleged co-conspirators.

It is impossible to determine the credibility of evidence from a short newspaper article, but we know that in many similar situations, things are not always what they appear to be in news accounts.

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