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November 2018 Archives

Wife of Texas doctor arrested for fraud faces charges now, too

Legal problems are piling up fast for a Texas family about six hours south of Houston. A McAllen doctor was arrested back in May on suspicions that he is part of a $240 million health care fraud and international money laundering scheme.

Wrong-way driver dies in north Houston crash with big rig

As they always do, the laws of physics prevailed in a recent collision in north Houston. The Harris County Sheriff's Office reported that a Ford Mustang collided head-on with an 18-wheeler on the North Freeway northbound near Spring-Stuebner Road shortly before three in the morning.

Little attention paid to recurring mayhem on Houston streets

The carnage on Houston streets is so common that it often gets little more than a nod from area news outlets. A recent example can be found in the recent deadly crash on the city's northeast side. A man was killed after a vehicle came to a stop on top of him, and other people in the multiple-vehicle collision were lying injured on the street.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine arrested on federal racketeering charge

When rap star Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested early this year in Houston's Galleria mall, he was booked under his real name: Daniel Hernandez on a charge of misdemeanor assault. The Brooklyn rapper had reportedly demanded that a teenager erase a video from his phone and then allegedly choked the 16-year-old.

Police: Houston is a "hotbed" of credit card skimming crime

The pair of men were driving in eastern Harris County when a sheriff's deputy began following and watching them. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, the men had exited Interstate 10 abruptly, and caught the officer's attention.

Study identifies pediatric mortality rates by county across U.S.

Here in Houston, we have a selection of world-class hospitals and emergency medical facilities. When motor vehicle accidents involving serious injuries occur, skilled health care professionals with the best available equipment are just moments away.

Some symptoms of injury can be delayed after an accident

Most people understand that car accidents can result in significant injuries. Accidents are frequently included in lists of the leading causes of death for Americans, whether the lists are compiled by medical professionals, government sources or other organizations. Many people who have suffered injuries in car accidents, however, do not always realize the severity of their injuries in the immediate aftermath of the wreck. Symptoms of injuries, including serious injuries, can be delayed for days – or longer – after an accident.

Houston man arrested, charged with white-collar card-skimming

Law enforcement officials say that a credit card skimmer can be virtually undetectable. The skimmers are designed to look like an ordinary part of an ATM machine or gas station pump, but when you stick your credit card into the device, it records the card's data to be downloaded later for illegal purchases or cash withdrawals.