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Texas school bus crash; 1 student killed, others injured

It is every parent's nightmare. Their child, who they thought was safely in the care of other adults, has been taken away forever. The nightmare has become all too real for the Texas parents of a middle school student killed when a school bus rolled on its side and then caught fire.

According to news sources, the Mesquite Independent School District bus was carrying 42 kids when the incident occurred about 250 miles north of Houston. In addition to the fatality, several other students were injured in the crash.

"It is with a very heavy heart that we must confirm that today, we lost one student," a spokesperson for the district said in a statement.

Law enforcement officials said three students were taken to nearby hospitals with injuries not considered life-threatening. Three police officers and the bus driver were also transported to medical facilities, according to a news report. The officers were treated for smoke inhalation.

The report added that school officials said a number of people reacted quickly after the crash, pulling children from the burning bus. Those who helped kids escape the flames included school employees, nearby residents and first responders.

"We know these citizens saved many lives tonight, and we are deeply moved by and thankful for their heroic acts," the statement from the school district read.

Law enforcement officials are still trying to determine what caused the bus crash.

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