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How dangerous are Texas highways?

Motor vehicle accidents can occur on any road, in parking lots or any other location where people travel in vehicles. There is a common maxim that the majority of car accidents occur within a few blocks of the homes of victims. While wrecks may occur in many places, there are some roadways that are statistically more dangerous than others.

Texas has a strong infrastructure for hauling goods on the roads and traveling throughout the state.    Highway, freeway and interstate traffic all pose significant risks for catastrophic or fatal injury due to the speeds involved. With the volume of traffic -- including motorcycles, cars and semi-trucks -- just how dangerous are the highways in Texas?

The Second Deadliest Highway In America Is In Texas

Analysts from reviewed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over a 10-year period to rate dangerous highways in the United States. According to the research, U.S. Route 83, also known as the Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, ranks as the second deadliest highway in the nation.

Harris County Has Several Highways That Rank In The Top 50

ValuePenguin conducted a similar study, reviewing fatal accident statistics per mile traveled on highways nationwide between 2010 and 2016. In that study, researchers determined that three highways in Harris County are among the 50 most dangerous roads in the country. U.S. Route 290 ranks as the 35th most dangerous road. U.S. Route 59 ranks 23rd in the nation for fatal accidents. Interstate 10 in Harris County is listed as the 5th most hazardous roadway in America, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Catastrophic injuries from a car accident can be devastating - not only for accident victims, but for entire families. When negligence of another motorist causes a serious accident, victims and their families often face difficult battles with the insurance companies, trucking companies and big business. Getting compensation is often necessary for victims to get the proper medical care they need and to have the resources to lead a dignified lifestyle. Whether the location of the accident is a known danger zone or a residential roadway, accidents may result in injuries that require medical and legal attention.

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